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Contract Formation/Review

A contract is a useful instrument that safeguards a business, anticipates problems and prevents disputes before they occur. A certain structure should be followed in order to establish a binding contract. Balkin Legal offers businesses and individuals sound guidance throughout the contract formation and review process.

Contract Negotiation/Settlement

One of our chief focuses in contract negotiations and settlements is for every party to walk away from the table feeling satisfied with the agreement. We are confident in our ability to propose resolutions and find common ground for all parties.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can be difficult to avoid. When it comes down to contractual disputes, we have substantial knowledge regarding dispute resolution procedures.

Why Choose Us?


In an ever-changing world, competence and education is essential. Our expert team possesses important skills and credentials that solidify our competence. Some of these qualifications include expertise in contractual services, employment law, providing advice and counsel, and obtaining the highest level of education


As a client of ours, we want you to know exactly what to expect from us. The success of Balkin Legal is largely due to what we guarantee our clients. You deserve transparency and respect from a law firm that you can trust. We earn that trust from day one by providing you with clear, upfront expectations.

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Concierge Service

The concierge service is a relationship between the client and lawyer in which the client receives “on-call” help for legal matters in exchange for a monthly retainer. This is a cost effective program that provides enhanced counseling services to clients who are looking for prompt, personal attention.

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